Believe it or not,
giving birth again
with confidence
is possible for you

Without stress, anxiety or therapy sessions
there is an easy path to a better next birth

Curious? Learn more...

Do more than hope for the best. Prepare for a birth
that leaves you whole.

What if, in your next birth, you could be more in-charge, cope better, feel good about yourself, and be respected?

The problem is it was far from easy last time. As a result, you may feel a little anxious about going through it again. And you might have doubts about whether a better birth is possible for you.

Perhaps part of you wants to avoid the whole subject and hope for the best.
I get it.

The thing is, doing nothing means quiet worrying, missing out on empowering new resources, and approaching birth from a place of fear.

Instead, do something that moves you on to a better birth, and at the same time, keeps you in a good headspace, however it all unfolds  on the day.

Take action. Make peace with the past, up-skill, and prepare for
a positive birth.

anna in circle for sales pageI’m Anna Wilde, birth-skills specialist, birth-trauma therapist and certified HypnoBirthing teacher. 20 years of working with couples has taught me standard prenatal education doesn’t always leave you well-prepared. Most people say they finish classes with plenty of info about drugs, interventions, and ideas for birth, but they still feel anxious. Standard classes don’t provide the internal, practical skills you need to feel confident and make clear empowered decisions. Women I meet often say,

“I wish I’d found you after my first birth. Whenever I thought about birthing again, I was scared,
but I didn’t think there was support for someone like me. If only I’d known about this, it would have helped me so much in my next birth”.

As the daughter of a midwife, I’ve always loved supporting women in childbirth. My own two births were positive, but, having worked through infertility and postnatal depression, I know the motherhood journey can be challenging. At certain times, back-up is essential. That’s why I created a programme especially for women who want to feel better about giving birth again.

Introducing Loving Heart Gentle Birth, the easy path to birthing again with confidence. 

Mock-up with macs LHGB newest

If you’d like a step-by-step guide that moves you towards a positive birth, this course is for you.

Over seven weeks, you’ll be guided through 7 gently-paced Modules. Each module is presented in do-able portions of easy to integrate information; mini-relaxations, meditations, and actionable steps you can tick off in minutes.

What’s included?
  • Skills to increase calmness and reduce anxiety, in birth, and daily life, including mindfulness, kindness practises and tapping (EFT)
  • The crucial proven choices that support positive birth outcomes
  • New birth skills that help you manage labor better
  • How to evaluate or avoid unwanted interventions
  • Tools to make peace with common birth fears including: hospital, being unsupported,
    something being wrong with baby, not being able to have a natural birth, pain, and medical intervention.
  • Plan for a gentle c-section, if that is your preference.
  • Connect with other mothers en route to a better birth (minus the scary birth stories)
  • A gentle method to heal a past birth memory

+ shared benefits

When you sign-up, the Birthing Kit Foundation will supply 10 ‘clean birth’ kits to mothers in need, making childbirth safer globally.


Prepare for success
  • An easy mini module to help you get the most out of LHGB
  • Set an aspiration for the course and your birth
  • Connect with the forum community
Grow inner calm
  • Gain inner resources for increased relaxation and confidence before, during and after birth
  • Find out about mindfulness and lovingkindness and the proven benefits 
  • Have a go using these two simple and powerful practices (audios included!)
  • Choose your own regular calming practice to prepare your mind
  • Explore how these skills apply to giving birth
Feel safe and supported
  • Discover the layers of personal support needed for a better birth
  • Learn the crucial choices that boost your chances of having a positive, gentle birth experience
  • Find out ways to avoid unwanted interventions
Up-skill for birth
  • Learn the best breathing for birth
  • Affirmations, visualisation, physical relaxation, sound, touch, acupressure, positions and more
  • Help your husband or birth support person to feel more prepared too
  • Includes a special video for your support people
  • Access resources for specific special circumstances: breech, big baby, big mama, early water release and more
Deal with fear
  • Get clear on which fears impact you most
  • Put your own worries in a more realistic and compassionate context
  • How to stop fears having power over you
  • Learn the basics of EFT or tapping
  • Be guided through a simple EFT/tapping process which you can apply to your own concerns
Heal your past birth story
  • Learn why it is so important to ‘clear the slate’, so you can start fresh
  • Find out that you can make peace with those stuck feelings
  • Discover how to start healing
  • Get access to a powerful guided healing journey – ‘The Birth Memory Makeover’
Stack the deck in your favour
  • Get the big picture of today’s birthing world
  • Consolidate your learning
  • Learn how to minimise the impact of wildcards, and surrender peacefully when appropriate
  • Receive an easy method for evaluating suggested interventions and tests

Like free bonuses?
These gifts are priceless!

  • #1
    Birth preference blueprint

    A launch pad to create your personal birth aspiration

    The perfect way to clarify what’s most important for you

    Easy basis to start discussions about your preferences with your care provider

    Cover all your bases with two options: An empowering natural birth and/or a gentle c-section

  • #2
    Yoga video class with Sam Loe,
    trained pregnancy yoga teacher

    Connect with your breathing and your amazing birthing body

    Be guided through a calming and strengthening yoga sequence

    Learn powerful postures for labour and birth

    World-class pregnancy yoga, in the comfort of your own home

  • #3
    9 top 'birthing body' preparations

    Take care of your precious body, so it can support you well in labour and recover more easily afterwards

    Includes tips on posture, bodywork, exercise, nutrition, perineal massage, and pelvic floor exercises

    Links to great resources for better baby positioning (= easier labour)

  • #4
    How birth works well PDF

    A brilliant chart explaining how you can optimise the release of birthing hormones

    The childbirth mind/body connection you need to know about

    Offers a visual description of your nervous/endocrine systems in labour

    Know how thoughts, feelings, people and environment affect birth physiology

  • #5
    Best ever list of empowering birth resources

    Want to know which books,videos and websites will build confidence? Look no further.

    Including positive birth stories and amazing authors

    Dive into these and start feeling excited about birth

Who is this course for?

You're pregnant, or want to have another baby sometime. Plus, a past birth was disappointing, scary or confusing. And, you want the next birth to be a better one.

You want to feel calmer and more confident about labour

You're keen to make more conscious, empowered decisions this time

You'd like to stop feeling so scared

The thought of fewer or no interventions, and more support during labour, is very appealing

Learn the choices, skills and mindset for a better birthing day



Enjoy your pregnancy more, and anticipate your pending birth with confidence and excitement by taking part in this programme.

For only $247 US, you can join ‘Loving Heart, Gentle Birth’ and start moving on to a better birth.

21 day guarantee for your peace of mind

Try ‘Loving Heart Gentle Birth’ for 21 days absolutely risk free !

No one can guarantee a perfect birth. That would be a silly thing to promise. I do guarantee that you will find the resources in Loving Heart Gentle Birth invaluable, empowering and confidence-boosting.

If you do not feel satisfied with the quality and content of the course after 3-weeks of participation, I will refund your money.


I'm already a busy mother. I'm pretty tired and I just can't imagine fitting this in. Will it work for me?

Yes, yes, yes! If this is the only thing you do for yourself and baby, you’ll be better off. Choosing this course says that this birth is important to you and deserves some preparation, and that your wellbeing in birth matters to you. It is precisely because you are busy that committing to a step-by-step guide is so helpful. You don’t have to think about what to do, you will be given your action plan on a plate. Even if you only watch the module video, and scan though the action steps you’ll be inspired and empowered.

How long does the course run for?

7 weeks. Each week you will receive a new module. You’ll have access to the online course content for 9 months, and lifetime membership to the community forum.

I'm due in 1-7 weeks. Can I still do the course?

One-two weeks is cutting it a little fine (to get through 7 modules). A one-one skype session with me would be a better choice.
If you have 3-8 weeks to go before your little one arrives, get in touch and I can open up all the content to you in one go. Then you can zoom through at a pace that fits your schedule.

I'm concerned that the course community forum will contain other women's past nightmare birth stories...

Thanks for bringing that up. The private facebook forum is a scary-birth-story free zone. Sharing of difficult birth stories can be healing for the speaker in the right context, but not with women who are planning a better experience. I will monitor posts and keep things feeling safe and supportive.

Part of me is really anxious to commit to this, because what if I put in a whole heap of time and effort, and then the birth is sh** anyway?

Yes, I get it. Three things. 1) You’re allowed to have a clear aspiration, without cripplingly high expectations. 2) Okay, so we can never guarantee a perfect birth, but wouldn’t it be great to just be kinder to yourself, and feel more relaxed about the whole deal on the journey. This course is about enjoying your pregnancy more and worrying less, as much as it is about the birth itself. And finally 3) The skills you’ll gather in the next few weeks are life skills, and invaluable for post-natal wellness, for parenting and for life. More calmness and less anxiety anyone?

Things are pretty tight financially. I can't really afford it.

What is a better birth and better birth memories worth to you? No one can take away the pleasure and confidence that comes from a good birth. I would give several thousand dollars for the inner strength and joy that my births have given me. I wish that same joy for you. If you really want it, there will be a way.

Actually, after last time, the subject of birth gives me the heebie-jeebies...

Thanks for your courage in reading this far. You’ve probably done your best to avoid any mention of the subject until now. Speaking from my heart, you can, really, make peace with those feelings and memories you’ve tucked away. Avoiding what you fear will not help on the day your next baby is born. This ‘Loving Heart Gentle Birth’ is the compassionate approach. No scary stories or cathartic sessions, just the kind, loving way forward.

I may prefer or need to have a c-section. Is this course just for women who want a natural birth?

Absolutely not. This course is for all women who want to have a special, empowering birth, however baby comes into the world. One of my most favourite birth stories is a beautiful c-section birth, in which the lights were dimmed a little, music was playing, the mother was calm, happy and supported. She made some skilful choices and got the birth she wanted. You can too.

I'm worried about interventions/hospitals/mean doctors/bossy midwives/something being wrong with baby and/or..... Can this course help me?

Yes. The tools and skills in ‘Loving Heart Gentle Birth’ enable you to deal with fears calmly, so the worries get smaller as your confidence grows. Mindfulness and EFT (tapping) are especially helpful and you’ll learn the basics to use for your own specific fears.

Why bother doing a course when I already know what I want for my next birth?

Yes, you can go it alone and make a lot of great choices that make for a better birth. Doing’Loving Heart, Gentle Birth’ means you cover all your bases. Step-by step, at an easeful pace. You’ll discover options and ideas you hadn’t considered. Doing this course is a commitment to you and your dream for a good birth.

And perhaps most important, you’ll be supported. By me and by other mothers doing the course at the time. We understand where you’ve been and where you want to go to. We will be unfailingly on your team. Even after the course finishes, you’ll remain a member of the forum, to support other mothers, and to access should you become pregnant again in future.

It's my first baby, but this course looks great for me. Can I join?

Sure. If you want to have a positive or natural birth, and avoid a traumatic experience, you’ll find lots to support you here. You’ll have to ignore the references to ‘your past birth’ though.

I'm not pregnant yet, but think I want to have another baby. Is it too early to do this course?

Not at all. In fact doing the course now is a great idea. It’s as much for you as it is for already pregnant mothers. It will make you feel more positive about getting pregnant, when you feel happier about the birth itself. And you’ll be able to make those crucial decisions that support better birthing earlier, rather than later in pregnancy.

Get on the easy path to a better next birth (go from 'don't talk about it', to 'bring it on')

9 month access

Instant access

7 amazing modules

5 incredible bonuses

Free forum support

VIP Lifetime membership

Instant access

7 amazing modules

5 incredible bonuses

Free forum access

Exclusive email support
2 mths before and after birth

Private skype sessions
2 x 45 min fast-track healing

Don't take my word for it:

"Just wanted to let you know our fabulous and very happy news that not only did our beautiful baby boy arrive safely with no health or other complications for me or him but we had a really amazing home birth that was quick and although intense absolutely stunning. I was in complete control, feeling fears arise throughout and accepting them but letting them go without them affecting me. I believe that your course helped me release a lot of fears and let go of strong feelings so I could move on. So thank you, what you do is appreciated and I most certainly am grateful for the unique opportunity I've had to engage with childbirth in ways many women never get to experience."

"Thank you so much for taking me on this journey towards a better birth. Even though I am not pregnant, I'm thinking about having another baby and this course has made me get excited about the possibility and helped remove the fear/avoidance I was feeling about getting pregnant and giving birth again. You have such a calm, gentle and knowledgeable approach, I truly feel like there is no better person to give this course than you! I really appreciated the practical tools and techniques you gave me, not only to help with the healing process but during birth itself. I cannot recommend this course highly enough for those women like myself who have experienced one or more traumatic births." [Update: Annabelle went on to have a beautiful, quick & straightforward third birth]

"This course was a really positive experience for me. I was able to create new joyful feelings to replace old fearful & painful ones. I feel much more enthusiastic & empowered about giving birth again. Anna brings compassion, empathy, experience and a wide knowledge to this course. She is extremely generous with tools to use to deal with painful experiences. As well as using these to heal my own birth memory, I now have tools to use in everyday life. Thank you Anna, your passion is infectious & always a joy!"

Without stress, anxiety or therapy sessions take the easy path to a better next birth!

9 month access

Instant access

7 amazing modules

5 incredible bonuses

Free forum support

VIP Lifetime membership

Instant access

7 amazing modules

5 incredible bonuses

Free forum access

Exclusive email support
2 mths before and after birth

Private skype sessions
2 x 45 min fast-track healing

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